Everyday our teachers create opportunities for exploration and learning by establishing engaging environments where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We have amazing instructors who are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping students reach their goals and aspirations.

Iridessa Blossoms

Iridessa has a love for all kinds of dance, fitness and performance art. Amazingly energetic and driven, we are so lucky to have her as an instructor at BOISE AERIAL & FITNESS.  Iridessa has consistently brought a passion and dedication to her many versatile art forms. Loved by students and faculty alike we could not write enough accolades for the years of knowledge and experience that she has.  She has obtained an array of certifications that range from fitness to yoga to aerial arts and is working on more.  This makes her uniquely qualified with a well rounded set of skills.  You will find your place right away with any of the classes she teaches.  She provides opportunities for her students to learn more about themselves through their mind and body connection.  


Kiki loves dancing in heels and that there is an endless amount of pole dancing moves to continue to learn and explore. She looks forward to every opportunity she has to discover the depth of pole as an art form.  She has been pole dancing for over 5 years and has been sharing her passion for it through teaching for 3 years. She obtained her ElevatED Professional Pole Instructor Certificate in April of 2018. She also loves performing and has competed in two out of state PSO competitions and one Idaho State Pole Competition.  She really enjoys hip hop and has been practicing it for 8 years.  She is very excited to be teaching at BOISE AERIAL & FITNESS.    


Rebekah began her movement and dance journey at the age of 10 when she enrolled in gymnastics.  This lead her to many alternative mediums such as Irish dance and choreographed group dance routines in which she has performed on many stages over the years.  

Rebekah nestled into Boise in 2014 and began a consistent practice of yoga. Loving her practice but seeking more of an athletic outlet she turned to pole dance. Pole dance quickly turned from quirky hobby to passion and eventually a lifestyle that she finds joy in sharing with the community.  She is excited to start her new journey with Boise Aerial & Fitness and to expand her skill set with learning aerial arts!  

Corie Lee 

Corie is excited to teach and practice yoga with an emphasis on chakras and essential oils. Come and enjoy her restorative yoga for all fitness levels.  


Kaysa started in the fitness world teaching pole dancing in 2007.  Since then she has taught a wide variety of classes, from kickboxing and belly dance fit to pole, aerial hoop, aerial hammocks and so much more. She loves teaching and sharing in the excitement of learning new things.  Her wacky personality and extensive knowledge base makes her classes fun and interesting.




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