There is self registration for new clients such as filling out personal information and forms to attend classes and payment is all online or through the application that we use.  For punctuality and being able to attend your most desired classes it's imperative to fill out your waiver of liability and to pre-register online or with your phone prior to attending.  


To sign up as a new client, click on the class schedule tab above.  There will be a tab that says my account.  Click on my account and create an account.  

New Client Introductory Special: 2 Class Pass Trial Pack

We offer our clients 25% - 50% off of their first package. 

Not sure what classes you are interested in and want to dabble a little to see what you like?  Try our 2 Class Pass with 2 classes of your choice!  This is for new clients only and excludes Trapfit, Pole Dance Fitness, Open Studio and Workshops.   

We are a new studio and still building our classes.  Therefore, if there are not at least 2 registrations for a class, 2 hours prior to class starting, class could be subject to being canceled.  Due to this, pre-registration is required to sign up and reserve your spot as spaces are limited.  Also, if there are not pre-registrations prior to class time, there could be a chance on some occasions that we are not at the studio.   

If by chance you have not pre-registered for class and you show up and we are not there.  Please call or text us at 208-869-3496.  




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